Scrap shear

Scrap shear


Rotar Scrap Shear
Enormous cutting power and rapid cycle times guarantee incredible productivity. The RSS series will cut tonnes of steel in the blink of an eye!

Replaceable cutting knives
The RSS Series is fitted with replaceable cutting knives and completely encased nose knives. The jaw design ensures that the materials are forced deep into the jaws, where the highest cutting power is available. The RSS Series body is assembled from high-grade performance steel and wear-resistant materials, making it extremely strong.

Upper head and slewing ring
The RSS Series has a strong rotating upper head and a heavy-duty, double-rowed slewing ring. The hydraulic motor and the gearbox in the upper head generate a high torque, allowing the RSS Series to be moved in every possible position.

Specially developed hydraulic cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder with integrated speed valve, developed by Rotar, allows the jaws to close quickly and the RSS will effortlessly switch from speed to power mode as soon as the job requires more cutting power.

The double hose connection
The double hose connection on the swivel and large diameter of hoses, bores, and pipes creates optimum oil flow. This connection stops heat building up in the hydraulic system, reducing the RSS’ fuel consumption.






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