Demolition pulverizer

Demolition pulverizer


Rotar Demolition Combi Shear
Incredible crushing power combined with tremendous cutting power makes the Rotar Demolition Combi Shear the perfect machine for primary demolitions. The RDC will work its way through any concrete construction with steel beams. The new, stable pivot point design, guarantees successful cutting in the long term.

Replaceable teeth and cutting knives
The RDC Series is fitted with replaceable casting teeth and cutting knives. The design of the teeth guarantees powerful penetration. It is an impressive sight to see the teeth and knives cutting through the extremely strong concrete and steel constructions. The RDC Series’ body is assembled from first-class and long-lasting materials, making it extremely strong.

Upper head and slewing ring
The RDC Series is fitted with a strong rotating upper head and a heavy-duty, double-rowed slewing ring. The hydraulic motors in the headpiece generate a high torque, allowing the RDC Series to be moved in every possible position.

Specially developed speed valve
The speed valve developed by Rotar allows the jaws to close quickly and automatically switch from speed to power mode as soon as the job requires more cutting power.

Trunnion hydraulic cylinder
The construction of the hydraulic cylinder ensures optimum efficiency of the cutting power and a compact design with a favorable center of gravity. The large diameter of the hoses, bores and pipes reduces the back pressure in the hydraulic system and contributes to the extraordinary features of this RDC.






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